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Quality policy:honesty & trustworthiness, quality orientated, sustainable improvement, client reassurance
Quality management model:Tianmu people meticulously organize production with a simple & efficient management model and a brand-new business philosophy. No matter in the past, current and future, we will adhere to the tenet of “Three Firsts” (namely Quality First, Credit First, Talent First) as always, as well as implement talent and brand strategies and lay emphasis on corporate culture and technical training with a brand-new concept, to further improve the staff quality. Our company organizes production in accordance with ISO9001:2000 Quality Assurance System, and continuously improves and innovates in the quality management objective of “Zero Defect”, with “New, Special, Excellent” Tianmu products serving customers, contributing to the society, and creating a brilliant future.
Quality management systemevery formula, every inch of cloth, every gram of dye and even every drop of water should strictly accord with enterprise quality standards, to realize industrialized, advanced and standardized production processes by a unique production process in combination with advanced imported equipment.
Wuxi Tianmu Extra Width Printing and Dyeing Co.,Ltd.