With the annual productivity of 35 million meters, the company mainly produces extra-wide (finished product width of less than 3.4m) high-count and high-density down-proof fabrics and bedding series fabrics, which feature extra width and complete patterns without splicing. and can meet the requirements of bleaching, dyeing, printing (large patterns) as well as flexibility, rigidity, crease and shrink resistance, insect prevention and bacterial resistance, water, oil & dirt resistance, flame retardant, photoelectric weft straightening and other dyeing, printing and finishing processes of pure cotton (including colored cotton, Egyptian cotton), bamboo fibers, pure tencel, semi tencel, flax, polyester and other various fiber fabrics.


The products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world and are highly praised by users

“Tianmu” products have been exported to the markets of U.S., Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries. Bedding fabrics with famous domestic and foreign brands also adopt “Tianmu” products which win consistent good praises from domestic and foreign markets as well as customers by virtue of excellent quality.

Anna, Lorelei, mengjie, mercury, ikea, golden sun.. (in no particular order)

Consistent excellent quality helps customers to realize superior value!


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