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Keqiao, China's first e-commerce platform for printing and dyeing industrial products, went online

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Click the mouse anytime and anywhere, 12 kinds of printing and dyeing industrial products, such as electrical cables and mechanical parts, can be delivered to the enterprises in keqiao printing and dyeing cluster within one hour. Yesterday afternoon, alun mall 2.0, China's first e-business trading platform for printing and dyeing industrial products, launched its trial operation for one year, ushering the purchase of printing and dyeing industrial products into the era of "Internet +".
Printing and dyeing industrial products are demanded by enterprises with high purchase frequency. The traditional purchasing mode of printing and dyeing industrial products is characterized by low efficiency, opaque price, difficulty in quality assurance and difficulty in enterprise management. Xiaoshao region is the key place of printing and dyeing in China, and the printing and dyeing enterprises cluster, especially the printing and dyeing industry of keqiao. The production capacity of printing and dyeing occupies one third of the country. "In recent years, under the background of the overall relocation and development of keqiao printing and dyeing enterprises, printing and dyeing enterprises have been hoping to solve the pain points of traditional supply chain by means of technology and other means and promote the enterprise to develop in a more refined way." Li chuanhai, President of the printing and dyeing industry association of zhejiang province.
And shimron mall Song Xinghai chairman is introduced, and shimron mall take root in west region, based on the printing and dyeing industry, relying on "Internet +", built a PC, micro letter end, APP and so on three big online platform and intelligent storage and offline customer experience center, combined with modern logistics, build online three-dimensional platform, provides one-stop shopping service, innovation, printing and dyeing industry chain to build intelligence service workshop "home".
Since its trial operation in keqiao printing and dyeing cluster district in June last year, the mall has cooperated with more than 1,000 brand manufacturers, covering more than 60,000 industrial products in 12 categories, including electrical cables, pipe fittings and mechanical parts. In the first half of this year, its monthly sales have exceeded 10 million yuan for four consecutive months, and its annual sales are expected to exceed 200 million yuan.
China dyeing and printing industry association of cf, said the country put forward the intelligent manufacturing after 2025, the industry in technological innovation, management innovation, and shimron mall using the "+" Internet technology, traditional purchasing mode from the aspects of supply chain management for enterprise puts forward dyeing industrial sourcing solutions, will better help enterprises build core competitive power, carry out upgrade quickly.